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Monday, October 10, 2011

~My BFF e-day~

One of my bff's getting engaged...the 1st one in my fellowship...x sangka..hehe the theme is purple as u can see on below pics.....meriah sungguh....I'm happy for year nk kawen dah...then sorang lg will get engage end of this (keep guessing)


**comel2 kawan2 aku ni..

**some of the hantaran

**di pelamin...terasa nervous pulak..

**SUE ni suka sgt buat "peace"

**2nd to get engage is Erliana (kanan sekali)

**mcm aku yg engage kn? lalalala suka sekejap ;p

**My turn kene tggu next year...I'm the 3rd one!...Insyaallah <3