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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Today kt ofis ade Health and Wellness day...for staff to check on their health and get consultation from doctor...for FREE. Aku pn pi la time lunch...register and do check up. Resultnya?

Blood glucose : 6.8

Cholesterol : 7.24

Body fat : 30.7%

Body age : 34

BP : 124/ 78

BMI : 22.3

Rasa nk nangis aku tgk result ni...takut pn ade....tahap cholesterol and glucose aku mmg tggi gila...nasib la BMI , BP ok...ahhhh stress aku camni...BP pn dh in between Normal and Hypertension..

**Mmg lepas ni aku berumah kt Gym la tiap2 hari :(

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